Avid provided parts lists for each subkit - wings, fuselage, tail, engine, various options and retrofit kits.

Avid part number prefix meanings (incomplete list):

  • F - Fuselage
  • FC - Finish and Cover
  • W - Wing
  • HW - Hauler/Aerobat Wing
  • SW - Speedwing
  • LG - Landing Gear
  • HLG - Hydraulic Landing Gear
  • E - Engine
  • T - Tail
  • HT - Hauler Tail
  • O - Options

For reference, here are scans of the original parts lists for Model C Aerobat #757. This kit included both taildragger and trigear main gear. A Mark IV cowling and radiator retrofit was added after the original kit was purchased, as was a Door Gas Lift Strut Retrofit.