IMG 1238

Final Hibbing Hanger Pull out!

Hello, I just bought my first Avid Flyer B and had a good number of pictures of the Towing process that took place from Hibbing, Mn. (KHIB) to Eden Prairie Mn. (KFCM).

We hauled a 25 ft. flatbed trailer, which was used to bring a Cessna 170 in the past, so we knew the Avid was going to be comfortable on it for the ride!

IMG 1251

Getting it on the Trailer

After some debate, we decided, since the airplane first of all is designed to be aerodynamic Nose forward, that was the smartest way to haul it! Not to mention that if it rained, or all those pesky bugs and all the dirt from the road would go straight into the cabin if towed tail first. Note the Rudder lock on the picture, we had the same for the Elevators as well.

After determining where the plane was going to be positioned and that it was as straight as possible, to minimize drag, we inserted the first set of screwed Chocks in the back or the tires, with some tubular webbing (used commonly in rock climbing)
IMG 1273

Will this be enough??? :)

we secured the landing gear and set up a second level to the chocks to prevent possible jumping of the first set with movement.
IMG 1281

All ready to go!!!

The wings were secured with the set of locking devices that attach the wings to the body of the aircraft so they do not hang around or end up being damaged through the trip!. We quickly built a small bench to raise the tail, on which we also added a set of brackets to bolt the tail wheel down on to, keeping the tail and elevator as parallel to the ground as possible. after determining that the position of the fuselage is correct we screwed the wooden bench to the base of the trailer, making sure that it was secured tightly. Oh!!! don't forget the Prop!!! let's just make sure it is not going to try and spin as we go. You know... Free engine failures ... Not everything that comes free is good!!! :)

After five hours of stressful driving back from Hibbing, we finally made it to the Twin Cities, as a funny note, you should see the faces of the people as you pass by, the second looks are priceless!!! :) I take hauling an airplane is not something you see every day!.

IMG 1291

Finally Home!!!