The leading edge can be covered as is, resulting in a somewhat scalloped look, or it can be covered with aluminum or birch plywood sheet.

Here is one example of a wood covered leading edge. This is an Aerobat wing with fuel tank. Rib spacing is 12" and there are two nose ribs between each rib.

The end result is a light, smooth, strong (you can pound your fist on it without worrying about denting it) good looking leading edge that won't corrode.


An extra nose rib is glued to the fuel tank to support the edge of the sheet.


The sheet extends from the top of the spar aft to the stringer. The nose ribs have been trimmed at the stringer and sanded so that the sheet will be flush with the rib capstrip surface, prior to gluing.


The sheet is glued to the spar, nose ribs and capstrips.


Bungees hold 2x2s against the sheet until the glue dries.


Detail of edge of the fuel tank. Tape holds the sheet tight to the spar.


Using the PolyFiber covering process, the sheet is painted with epoxy varnish. Nonwoven padding is placed over the leading edge prior to covering.