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Kodiak authorizes Independent Service Centers in the western hemisphere. In North America, these are California Power Systems (CPS), Leading Edge Airfoils (LEAF) and Lockwood. They support customers at the retail level nationally with engine and parts sales, technical support by phone, and training.

These three also support local Rotax service stations throughout the United States with wholesale parts, technical support and biennial training.

Note that customers cannot purchase parts from local service stations unless they are part of provided service. Also, parts and technical information cannot be obtained directly from Kodiak, but must be obtained from one of the service centers.

Once a service station has been established, another will not be authorized within a 50-mile radius. It will be attached to one of the service centers.

Not every service station has its own web site. Some are listed on other sites, for example:

These have their own web sites:


North Carolina




New York

google search: rotax repair station, rotax service center