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Read upEdit

Don't know a thing about wikis? No problem. Our host has created a tutorial that will lead you through the basics, and a new user FAQ here.

You can download and print a reference card here. A cheatsheet is available in several languages as well.


A builder faced with creating a part using unfamiliar materials or tools will practice on scrap until s/he has gained enough skill to make a good part. It's the same here. Please don't make scrap and toss it into the wiki! See below - Create your User Page and Create your Sandbox. Experiment in your sandbox, make your scrap there.

If you ask a mentor how to build a part, they will help you get started because they want you to succeed and have fun. It's the same here.

Survey the landscapeEdit

Take a look around. Learn what content is already here and how it is organized. For example, follow the category tree.

Create your User PageEdit

Your own User Page is a great place to start editing. When you are logged in, click on your username at the upper right.

Upload a photo of your project or completed aircraft. Remember to add [[Category:Images]] to each uploaded image.

Add the Avid infobox template to your page and tell us about your Avid. Find other projects similar to yours or located nearby on the Project List.

Add more text and photos to tell us about yourself. Of course, keep your privacy in mind.

Always add a summary and preview your page prior to saving it.

Create your SandboxEdit

This is a page where you can draft articles, play with templates and formatting, and make a mess without worrying about it. When you've got the hang of things and your content is ready, move it to a wiki page.

In the search box at the upper left, type your username followed by a slash and the word sandbox: username/sandbox and press Enter.

Jump In!Edit

Remember -

Sign your posts on discussion pages.

Add at least one category to your article. If your article doesn't fit an existing category, please start a discussion and ask before creating a new category. This will keep your faithful Wiki Librarian's workload at a minimum and let her concentrate on adding as much good stuff as possible.

Cite your sources.

Respect copyrights.

Keep Up the Good WorkEdit

Remember to login periodically to check discussions you are participating in, polish your articles, and add more content. Have fun!

Ready to do more?Edit

Wikia uses the same software as Wikipedia: MediaWiki. There is a reference for Wikepedia contributors, "Wikipedia: The Missing Manual", which is invaluable for those who are interested in advanced editing and administrative tasks.

Here are some of the tasks you could volunteer for:

  • If you have access to PDF creation software, and could combine .jpg images into a .pdf file, please contact me.